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Panna cotta 8.50
Italian style panna cotta, served with fruit coulis

Crema Catalana 10.50
a creamy caramelized Spanish custard with a hint of lemon

Caramel flan with whipped cream 8.50

Deep fried apple cookies with sugar and cinnamon 8.50
with vanilla sauce 10.50

Ämmitaler meringues with whipped cream 8.50

Ämmitaler meringues with double cream 10.50

Ämmitaler meringues ice cream with 12.50
ice cream of your own choice

Eve`s ice coffee 9.50

Irish coffee 10.50

Lemon sorbet with vodka or Prosecco 12.50
Apple sorbet with calvados 12.50
Pear sorbet with williams hard liquor 12.50