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Summer dishes

A summer soup

Gazpacho “Andaluz” Fr. 10.50
a cold tomato soup,
garnished with cucumber, capsicum and croutons

Tasty salad combinations
Summer salad “Lake of Zurich” Fr. 31.50
seasonal salad leaves on a dressing of your choice,
served with deep fried perch filets and tartare sauce small portion Fr. 28.50

Veal cordon bleu Fr. 37.00
a pan fried, crumbed veal schnitzel, filled with cheese and ham,
served with garden fresh seasonal salad leaves

Thai Beef Salad „Yam Nua“ Fr. 27.00
marinated warm beef salad, with cucumber, tomatoes,
onions, celery and coriander

Sausage and cheese salad “Bauernschänke” Fr. 19.00
a Swiss speciality on a spicy mustard seed vinaigrette

Boiled Beef Salad «Rindermarkt» Fr. 27.00
our charming savoury beef salad
boiled beef slices on an onion-vinegar-oil vinaigrette,
served with halved cherry tomatoes, pearl onions and chili pepper slices

Exotic from far away

Sea bream filets “Toulon”
Fr. 32.50
grilled sea bream filets on a savoury lemon pesto,
served with seasonal vegetables and roasted new potatoes

Red chicken Thai curry Fr. 28.50
with crispy Thai eggplant, coconut cream, chili peppers and Thai basil
served with Basmati rice

Courgette Skewer
Fr. 22.50
skewered courgettes fried in olive oil,
served with spaghetti on a tasty tomato sauce

Colourful vegetable salad Fr. 22.50
warm vegetable salad on a light herbal dressing,
topped with roasted sunflower seeds