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Winter menu

Pea-soup with knuckle of pork Fr. 11.50
A hearty pea-soup with pickled pork
Served with bread croutons

Vegetarian pea-soup Fr. 9.50
A hearty pea-soup without the pork
Served with bread croutons


Lamb`s lettuce with egg
Fr. 15.50
Served with fried bacon strips
Loin of lamb “Vignola” Fr. 38.00
Tender, carved loin of lamb on a balsamic sauce
Served with seasonal vegetables and a potato gratin

Veal-shoulder roast “Granny style” Fr. 32.00
Oven roasted shoulder of lamb with button mushrooms, pearl onions,
bacon strips and bread croutons
Served with potato puree

Boiled beef platter Fr. 30.50
Juicy slices of prime boiled beef on a foamy mustard sauce
Served with dried green beans and steamed potatoes

Pork chop “Farmers market” Fr. 31.50
Large pork chop (300 gr.) with its bacon on an aromatic onion sauce
Served with seasonal vegetables and buttery noodles


Mushrooms on toast
Fr. 24.50
Wild mushrooms on a creamy sauce
Served on a toasted slice of brioche