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Season speciality

Lamb`s Lettuce Salad „Hubertus“ 15.50
with sautéed chanterelle mushrooms and crispy bacon strips
on a delicate potato dressing

Vegetarian dishes

Autumn platter
served with our Autumn side dishes and a creamy mushroom sauce

Mushroom vole au vent 27.00
filled with wild mushrooms,
garnished with Brussel sprouts, glazed chestnuts and grapes
Saddle of venison “Grand Seigneur” per person 55.00
Please make your reservations for two persons for Thursday,
Friday and Saturday evenings one day in advance.
Richly garnished with a variety of field and forest crops
Served in two courses

Venison Cordon-bleu “Valbella” 39.50
crumbed with hazelnuts and stuffed with cured ham and cheese

Wild pork chops “Forester`s style” 31.50
Served with a selection of wild mushrooms

Venison Medallion „Mirza“ 39.80
on a delicate venison-cream sauce

Venison Ragout 37.50

thin slices of venison (cut from the medallion),
pan-fried, on delicate new wine and cream sauce

Our autumn side dishes:
homemade pasta, cranberrie-apple, glazed chestnuts, Brussel sprouts, red cabbage and grapes