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Our home made speciality

Meat loaf homemade Fr.29.50
with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots

Viennese Schnitzel Fr.35
served with French fries
and cucumber salad with dill

Cordon bleu Fr. 37
veal schnitzel, filled with cheese and ham,
crumbed and pan fried, served with French fries

Geschnetzeltes à la zurichoise
sautéed veal slices, with fresh mushrooms
on a white wine and cream sauce,
served with potato roesti

Beef liver slices Fr.27
sautéed, served with potato roesti

Veal-Bratwurst, grilled sausage Fr.23
on an onion-sauce, served with potato roesti

Pork-Bratwurst, grilled sausage Fr.23
on an onion sauce, served with potato roesti

Tripes à la zurichoise Fr. 24
Finely sliced tripe in a white wine cream sauce
with cumin served with boiled potatoes

Vegetable Curry "Ratnapura" 25
colorful vegetables, onion, chilli and chickpeas
in coconut milk served with basmati rice

Semmel -bread pcs Fr. 1.20

(additional charge French fries Fr.2 .-)
included 8,0% tax