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Main dishes

Chicken breast "Walliser Art"
on a light apricot cream sauce served with pasta and
garden fresh vegetables bouquet
Fr. 28.50

Pesto ravioli "Ticino"
in tomato pastry on white Balsamic vinegar butter
accompanied by cherry tomatoes and black olives
smal Fr. 17.- large Fr. 22.-

Fried perch fillets
baked in beer pastry, served with boiled potatoes and homemade tartar sauce
smal Fr. 28.50 large Fr. 31.50 Fitness plates

Our fitness dish is garnished with fresh mixed salad (in the summer with an additional melon / winter with a pineapple tranche).

Entrecote of beef 200g / 300g Fr. 41.00 / Fr.51.50

Swiss chicken breast 180g Fr. 28.50

served with homemade herb butter

instead of salad and fruit we gladly serve the meat
garniture with vegetables and French fries

meat declaration
Pork, veal - Switzerland
Beef - Uruguay / Switzerland
Lamb - New Zealand
Poulet – Switzerland
Game – Europe