It’s important to us that the Bauernschänke remains a local favorite. Despite our openness for new impulses and trends, we create our dishes in accordance with our name and heritage. Sourcing food from the markets at Helvetiaplatz and Bürkliplatz is both a commitment to regionality and inspiration. We only work with seasonal products of the highest quality and choose our suppliers with the utmost care. At the same time, we don’t dismiss Zurich’s growing reputation as a cosmopolitan city with a multicultural flair and infuse our dishes with ingredients from afar. That’s why we also use saltwater fish, seafood or tropical fruits if that’s what a particular creation calls for. And we regularly expand our horizons with trips to culinary hotspots such as New York City, Copenhagen or Mexico City.


Nenad Mlinarevic

The straightforward cuisine from our creative director and co-owner always puts the focus on the product. Nenad knows exactly where to get the best regional ingredients, but he also highlights his creations with outstanding products from afar. Because at the end of the day there’s only one thing that matters to him: the taste.

Valentin Diem

Co-owner and man in the background. Valentin has made a name for himself in Zurich with his innovative pop-up projects such as Wood Food and Soi Thai. He feels the culinary pulse of the city, makes sure his colleagues at the front can focus on their jobs and pays attention to the little things that keep the Bauernschänke running efficiently.

Patrick Schindler

Patrick burns for wine. Whether classical or natural, the Bauernschänke co-owner explores the world in search of winemakers with passion and surprising ideas. In Zurich, his responsibility covers all beverages, which also include homemade kombuchas and lemonades. On top of that, he shares his knowledge with our service crew and trains them.

Thomas Brandner

Our head chef has been part of the Bauernschänke family since the opening days. Thomas and Nenad go back to the restaurant Focus in Vitznau and also shared the kitchen at the Stadthalle. Hence, he understands Nenad’s philosophy like no other. But Thomas’ signature style, which is inspired by his Carinthian homeland, leaves its flavor in all creations.

Francie Witter

Our hostess is living proof that a classic education and years of experience in upscale gastronomy can go hand in hand with a relaxed, cordial attitude. Her ambition is to know and welcome guests as if they were old acquaintances. Francie is part of the founding team of Bauernschänke; she previously worked, among other restaurants, at George and Mesa.